WHat is the difference between Natural Glam and Airbrush?

Natural Glam is hand applied where as airbrush is sprayed on with an airbrush gun. It goes on as tiny pixels. It’s applied in sheer layers to build coverage. A common myth is that airbrush is often heavy, this is not true. Airbrush feels lightweight and mimics the skins texture. You can achieve the same look with both applications. I do feel that airbrush does last longer then traditional.

What Skincare and MAkeup Brands do I use?

I use only high-quality, professional makeup. Some of the Brands I use are : Viseart, RCMA, Makeup Atelier, Temptu, KETT, Embryolisse, Danessa Myricks, YSL, Bobbi Brown, Charolette Tilbury, IT Cosmetics, Senna, Laura Mercier, Lancome and NARS.

How long does it take?

Usually each makeup application takes 40-45 minutes. Once your date is secured, I will provide a timeline for your group size. I do add some time at the end for touch-ups as well.

Trials are usually done at my home studio in Lewes. Before coming to the trial I ask that your makeup is done how you would normally do it to go out with your friends on a weeknight for dinner. I known this sounds oddly specific but this helps me gauge your take on makeup. I will be cleansing and prepping the skin as we talk about the details of the day. I take lots of notes and pictures to reference. Feel free to bring pictures as well. We will work together to pinpoint your look for you’re big day! Trials usually take between an hour and a half to two hours.

What does the trial entail?

Do not start any new skin care regimen 1 month prior to. Avoid and Peels or other extreme treatments 1 month out. Two weeks prior, increase water intake. No more facials after the two week mark. Any facial waxing should be done no less then 3 days prior .

What do I need to do to be ready for “the big day”?

The day of, please have a table open, preferably near natural light. I do bring my own high chair as well as The Makeup Light (sometimes there might not be much natural light, depending on weather.) Make sure everyone’s face is cleansed and makeup free and there normal moisturizer. Please inform me of any allergies you or the bridal party might have.

What do I need to prepare for your arrival?

I’m so excited to be part of you’re wedding day! Your one step closer to the wedding of you’re dreams!!!! Please fill out the contact me page. A completed and signed contract as well as a deposit is required to secure your date. All the information I will need with be on the contract like how many people are getting services, what package, location, times, etc. Recommended booking time would be 6-18 months prior.

How do I book you?